Road Transport of goods

We organise internal and international road transport of goods, in the community as well as the extracommunity space.

The means of transport used are minibuses, 22 ton trucks/baffle cloth or bodied, refrigerator vans, light trucks, trailers, platforms.

Our prices are negotiable according to the distances travelled, the weight of the goods, the volume of the goods, the frequency of the trips, the payment terms, etc.

Because we are aware of the specifics of each order, we guarantee throughout the operational process the responsiveness, flexibility and timeliness to your requests and instructions.

We are willing to ensure a certain level of competitiveness of each commercial transaction or other times to meet certain economic needs of the client on time.

We perform oversized transports, internal and international transport of goods, transports suitable for trucks, refrigerated transports, minibus transports to Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania, Spain, France, Belgium, Holland, Ireland, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Portugal, Moldova, Slovakia, Republic of Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Russia, CSI, Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe.